All Wicked Bros motorcycles are handmade and right here in the USA. More styles to come.


This is it, Synister, the Bike that Founder and Owner of Wicked Bros has kept for himself for the past four years. Why is he letting it go? Well as he puts it, “I can’t keep them all”, and “I have probably only ridden it a dozen times at best, but I do love this bike”.

Synister is the creation of Wicked Bros founder John Franco. After starting Wicked Bros Exhaust Johns time became consumed with the business of building the Baddest pipes in the industry. Before he knew it, it had been two years since he rolled out one of his Wicked creations. So when he finally made time to get back to what he does best, he went all out. There wasn’t a frame out there that was even close to what John had envisioned, so he bought one with side plates he liked, cut them, the motor mounts and neck off, built a frame jig and created the Synister Frame. Long, Low, and Sexy, it has 45 degrees of rake in the neck, -4” in the down tube and plus 3” in the backbone. The down tube, backbone and seat rails are 2”x3/16” DOM. The Pro-Street swing arm was skinned and used as the oil bag holding 3 quarts of oil. The Seat Height is 17”. The Tank is a proprietary design by Wicked Bros. and manufactured by Fat Katz, holding just over 2 gallons and it has a chrome, radius tube trim along the top, which encloses the fuel cap. The front fender is a custom sculpted piece trimmed with chrome. The rear fender was originally very minimalist and attached to the swing arm, it has recently been modified to become part of the frame and is now capable of accommodating a passenger; it also is trimmed in chrome. The bottom of the down tube is trimmed with a chrome cap, which along with the rest of the chrome trim is like a piece of jewelry on this bike. The finish is House of Colors Cobalt Blue, which compliments chrome like no other color. The motor is an S&S 124 mated to a 6-speed right side drive transmission via a closed BDL 2 3/8” primary. The entire drive train is finished in Cobalt Blue and Chrome. As with all Wicked Bros. Bikes the final drive is a 520 O-ring chain. The wheels are PMFR two-piece racing wheels, 21×3.15 front and 18×10 rear running a 280 tire. The brakes are PM 4 piston calipers, hand controls are PM Contour and the foot controls are Accutronix Tribal design as are the grips and pegs. The forks are Mean Street Mid-Glide inverted with 7-degree trees giving the bike a total of 52 degrees of rake while correcting the trail making the bike relatively easy to steer. The handlebars are one off by Wicked Bros. and finished in Cobalt Blue. All the wiring and the hydraulic lines are out of sight running through the frame adding to the sanitary look of this bike. Synister has been featured in national and international magazines including Street Chopper, seen on TV, and featured in calendars. She was voted as one of the top ten bikes in the world at the first AMD Official World Championship of Bike Building and has been shot by the leading photographers in the industry including Ron Kimball. This beautiful bike is not just eye candy, she is fast and very rideable and you will never pull next to another one like it. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this true one off work of Rolling Art.


Built By Wicked Bros. Probably the most famous bike built by Wicked Bros. to date. Built to compete in the AMD Pro Builders World Championships and Winning a First Place Trophy. Lethal Strike then went on to Win The Discovery Channel East Meets West Biker Build Off competing against fifty of the best builders in the Country and judged by fifteen previous Biker Build Off Champions and Competitors. Lethal Strike followed that up with a Win at the LA Calendar Show, Pro Builder. She has been featured on TV including Chopper Nation (ESPN), in calendars including Iron & Lace, International Magazines and will be Featured in a Major National Publication, we are holding off on submission to the national publication so we can list you as the owner. Lethal Strike was sought out and shot by Fashion Industry Photographer Victor Salvador who said, “ I’ve been to a lot of motorcycle shows around the world and this is the only bike I’ve ever seen that I wanted to shoot, it’s a work of art”.

Lethal Strike is a true one off piece, never to be repeated. Wicked Bros. began this build with the concept of combining Old School roots with New Age Style and Innovation. An 88” Pandemonium Generator Style Motor was mated to a Six Speed RSD Transmission using a BDL Top Fuel open Primary. The Frame housing the drive train was completely designed and fabricated by Wicked Bros. The geometry of the frame is -3” in the down tube, +3” in the backbone and 52 degrees of rake in the neck, the side plates are also mounted 2” further back than stock. That Wicked seat design came about sort of by accident. While fabricating the seat we brought it over to the frame jig where the frame was being assembled and we slid it into the backbone and stepped back to see how it looked. The side plates were not on yet and we thought that looked pretty cool with the seat just floating there. John Franco (owner) said, “that’s too cool, I have to figure out a way to make that work”. The motor became a structure point in the frame, allowing us to eliminate the connection from the side plates to the backbone. We used a -2” Springer front end and have recently changed the front Wheel to a 23”, the Rear Tire is a 300 on an 80 Spoke 18”x10” all Stainless Wheel. There is no brake on the front and a four piston PM Brake on the rear actuated by a PM Contour hand control mounted to the right handle bar. The handlebars are custom made by Wicked Bros. We also made the Custom Suicide Shifter and mounted the PM Contour Hand control directly to it. There are no controls on the Foot Pegs, very clean looking. The Pegs and Grips are from Yaffe. In order to maintain uninterrupted flow and minimalist look, what is typically known, as the fuel tank is a cover housing the battery, coils and the rest of the electronics. The oil bag is mounted in front of the frame. So where is the fuel? The Fender and Swing arm hold 1.75 gallons of fuel delivered to the carburetor via an electronic fuel pump passing through a fuel pressure regulator. It’s a softail with a Progressive Air Suspension. A few months after we began to build Lethal Strike the promoters for Arizona Bike Week came by the shop to see what new creation we were bringing out that year, we told them we had something bad ass in the works. They asked if we would let them endorse the bike as the Arizona Bike Week bike, we agreed. We don’t do theme bikes, but we wanted to do something to represent AZ, so when we made the trim we designed for the top of the tank (battery cover), we decided to cover it with real Rattle Snake skin and incorporate a Rattle Snake Head enclosed in acrylic. All of the Chrome and Stainless has been meticulously Brushed by hand, the Paint is Black with Copper Pearl and finished with Satin Clear. The Killer Pin Striping was done by the Infamous Ron Hernandez. This Rolling Work of Art Ain’t No Trailer Queen either, you can spot her roll’n out to one of the many great biker friendly establishments around the Phoenix area from time to time. This is a rare opportunity to own this Beautiful Piece of Modern Motorcycle History.